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  Support Page  
  Installation Instructions .pdf
  Please Note:
  As per sec 08120 3.1  Do not proceed with frame installation until satisfactory conditions
  are correct. Verify wall thickness does not exceed standard tolerance of + - 1/16"    
  Standard Door Frame 90 Minute Door Frame
  Full Height to Drywall Sidelite Partial Height to Drywall Sidelite
  Full Height to Ceiling Grid Sidelite Partial Height to Ceiling Grid Sidelite
  3 Sided Cased Open 4 Sided Cased Open
  Borrowed Lites Screw Race System (cut exact)
  Pocket Frames  
  Aluminum Door Details Aluma Glide Sliding Door System
  Hinge and Strike Locations
  WiM Standard 1-1/2 Pair WiM Standard 2 Pair
  Order Forms.pdf Warranty Info.
  WiM Online Catalog .pdf Credit Application
  Rough Opening Info. dwg files available on request
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